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7 Ways Home Automation Can Improve Home Values

March 11, 2018 / Automation

Home automation has many benefits, from saving you time to improving your enjoyment of your home. If we follow the current path that technology is taking us on, it is becoming increasingly important to have a technology-friendly house. If you simply think about how much we use technology and Wi-Fi enabled equipment on a daily basis, it’s easy to understand how important it is to have a…


Home Automation Made Affordable

March 5, 2019 / Home Automation

Technological advances have opened the door for the everyday home owner to enjoy the luxury of home automation. With products from companies such as Control 4, Amazon, Nest, and Ring home owners can enjoy controlling an array of smart devices with a single platform. The benefits of a smart home also help to offset the cost, these benefits include energy conservation, insurance breaks for…


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