Home Automation


A seamless smart home control solution brings all smart features of your home together through one easy to use interface. This enables your lighting, audio visual, climate and security systems to be controlled from anywhere with just the touch of a button. We pride ourselves in creating fully automated, technologically advanced, homes that are easy to control. Every project and home is unique, which is why we spend time getting to know you and understanding your needs so that we can design a system that works perfectly for the way that you would like to use your home.

At Systems Automation we appreciate how precious time at home is. We also understand the need to transition your home space swiftly from work to play, family time to relaxation. We’re surrounded by technology all the time and we believe it should function effortlessly in the background while still seamlessly integrating together to enhance everything you and your family do. Control 4 automation systems help enhance your quality of life while also saving you time and money.

Full Home Automation

Our home automation systems bring together everything in your home. There’s an extensive list of all the things we can incorporate into a control solution but many of our systems feature a few things in common: the control of lighting including day light through the automation of blinds; multi-room audio visual systems throughout your home; security utilizing surveillance cameras and door entry systems; climate control to keep every room at the perfect temperature, and of course Audio Visual systems including whole home audio.

User Friendly Controls

Everything in your home is controlled through one interface, including lighting, heating, TVs and more. This means no more searching around for remote controls. Control4 makes a system that is user friendly and simple for the entire family to use. Your Smart Home offer touch screens, smart remotes, smart phones or a combination of all three to control your home from anywhere. asking.



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